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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying to treat a sick feline can be difficult, but there are rules of thumb that you can follow to help

Having a sick pet is hard. They cant speak, can't convey what is wrong exactly and can be uncooperative when trying to medicate or getting them to eat. This is compounded when it's a feline - times ten!
flickr photo courtesy of lunachrome

Chronic illness can be especially challenging, especially when kidney disease or other serious disease has taken hold. Eating can be a hurdle, as can oral medications. There are a lot of treatments and medications that can help sick kitties, but if they won't take them, what good are they, right? 

What do you do, as a pet owner if a cat is just too disagreeable? Is there a time to say "when"? 

Dr. Jess Franklin of Ann Arbor Animal Hospital came up with the Sick Cats Bill of Rights to help cat owners get as better handle on this topic. Click here to read more. 

Lorrie Shaw is a pet blogger and a professional dog walker and pet sitter serving the Ann Arbor area. Follow her writing and pet adventures on Twitter @psa2 or send her an e-mail. 

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