Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bottoms-Up Assistive Device For Canines

Many clients over the years have had dogs who have had mobility issues due to age, post-surgical recovery, illnesses like Degenerative Myleopathy or injuries. It's hard, needless to say, but pups still need to get around, right? It's sad to watch dogs struggle with trying to walk or balance, and it's physically challenging for their caregivers to assist them with traditional assistive methods like a sheet sling.

One very cool assistive device that has always made life easier in these cases is the Bottoms Up dog harness. A neoprene padded leash, it fits around and under the back legs to offer stability and safe mobility around the yard, on walks... even up and down the stairs. Additionally, this device keeps you from stooping over, saving your back!

Available in two sizes, 12-125lbs and 125-185 lbs., the Bottoms Up can be purchased online and even some vets retail them. Easy to put on and remove, this pet sitter loves this product.