Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet my newest client - a Shiloh Shepard puppy!

Word came this morning from an existing client that the new arrival to the family is now home & getting acquainted with household. At 6 weeks, she joins 3 kids & 2 cats. After losing their beloved 15 year old Blue Heeler last year, the family decided that they were ready for puppy. Shiloh Shepards are a fairly new breed and are gaining quite a following. I get to meet her this week, & am thrilled for the family.


I cannot stress enough the importance of establishing a caring, qualified caregiver for pets while the animal is young, if the situation avails itself to it. Considering bringing a new pet into your family? Contact me for a free personalized 'meet & greet' to get the ball rolling, & to see if we are indeed a fit.