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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pittsfield Township man sentenced to 11 months in jail for starving puppy -

Yet another case of animal abuse and neglect.

I'm always very puzzled when I learn about these cases. Why do people decide to adopt pets, and then intentionally neglect them? What goes through their mind?

These cases always generate a lot of emotion from people, and I find that interesting also. Read the comments at the end of the article. They're very telling of the very diverse ways that our society views pets, and animals in general.

Pittsfield Township man sentenced to 11 months in jail for starving puppy -

What do you draw from the article?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Local Woman Receives Therapy Dog - Community News

In a previous article regarding the changes in the Americans With Disabilities Act, ADAI was one of the service dog training centers in the area that I had featured.

Assistance Dogs America Inc., located in Swanton, Ohio, has placed therapy dogs and service dogs with individuals for over 25 years. Helping kids and adults with disabilities achieve more independence by training and placing the dogs to assist with the individual's daily needs. ADAI serves individuals in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan's lower peninsula.

For more information on just what these amazing service dogs do, or for more information, visit

Read a featured article on AADI on -

Local Woman Receives Therapy Dog - Community News

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Back-to-school blues affect dogs, too? Advice from a local expert

Great article by John Spieser of dog trainer and owner of Dogheart, in Ann Arbor. He touches on separation anxiety and destructive behavior issues stemming from an abrupt change in a dogs' schedule, like back-to-school.

Back-to-school blues? What you can do to limit impact of sudden changes in schedule for your dog -

Lorrie Shaw is a professional pet sitter and dog walker as well as a regular pets contributor on She also enjoys researching solutions regarding pet wellness and behavior, as well as social issues related to pets. She can be reached via e-mail.