Sunday, June 12, 2011

Repelling mosquitoes on pets can be safe and easy

Abundant rain in the first two weeks in June, coupled with the hot temperatures here in south east Michigan has created an environment that is perfect for mosquitoes to thrive.

Humans aren't the only ones who are affected by these irritating pests - pets suffer too, and pet owners are eager to find something to help their four-legged friends get relief.

Since traditional mosquito repellent isn't safe to use on companion animals, you might be wondering what is. In this vlog, I detail what is safe, what ingredients work and what you want to stay away from.

As you recall from a blog that I wrote in March for, catnip has been proven to be effective in a study that was done on livestock.

Included in today's vlog is information on a piece that Linda Diane Feldt wrote in May on creating your own effective and safe mosquito repellent at home - for yourself, and your pets. Linda is a Holistic Health Practitioner in Ann Arbor and a contributor to

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