Sunday, March 28, 2010

Puppy 101 - What are some of the things that you ought to be thinking about?

Been awhile since my last blog post - it's been a busy few weeks! Lots of folks make the decision to get a puppy this time of year (late Jan - March), and it's no wonder! The holiday season ends, things quiet down and we feel more 'ready' to take on the responsibility of caring for a weeks old puppy. I did it myself 10 years ago, in February. Most delightful, exhausting, blissful time of my life.

I've had several clients either enter the process or will be soon. On Friday, though, I spent some time with a client in Chelsea guiding her through "Puppy 101". Never having had a dog before, she felt a little lost. She was off to a great start: a lot of research was done on what breeds of dog would suit her family best, best training methods, has lots of support from friends/family. During our time together, she really exhibited great instincts and posed even better questions to clarify what she did know and that allowed us to dialogue even better...

- What are your thoughts on plush toys? Won't she (puppy) get confused with plush dog toys when my kids have stuffed animals?

- Should I ever keep her in her crate when I am home? When?

- How do I know when she has to go potty? What are the best training methods as far as housebreaking? How long do you think that it will take for her to be completely housebroken?

-Once she's had a few days to get acclimated to the house, her people and the routine, how long should we be spending on training each day?

These were just a few things that we went over and by the end of the visit I know that she felt more comfortable being a Mama to new puppy. I could clearly see that said puppy (a 9 week old apricot cockapoo) was getting very accustomed to her new home and bonding with her owner... laying at her owners' feet while contentedly chewing her toy.

Do you have a new addition to your family? Securing a reliable, compassionate caregiver for your pets in your absence is an important aspect to not only assure them comfort and happiness - but your peace of mind. I am indeed always accepting new clients. Whether your pets need care for an extended period of time, a week, a weekend or even when you have the opportunity to get away for a day trip and your dog needs their feeding and potty break/walk. Last minute bookings for the Easter holiday/Spring Break are welcome!

I serve the areas of Dexter, Chelsea, Pinckney, Unadilla, West Ann Arbor and the surrounding vicinity.