Friday, July 23, 2010

Retractable leashes - a great use for them

(Photo courtesy of Kim Garrison)
Sequel, seen here padding through a creek in NJ
The weather here in southeast Michigan has been uncomfortable as of late - hot, muggy - oppressive! It's not just so for us, but our pets! We all want ways to keep cool, and safe from the effects of the high temperatures.

This morning, one of my pawsome followers and fellow dog owner, @kimhalligan1 on Twitter reminded me of a great way to keep dogs cool on days like these, while getting them their much needed exercise. Read it here.

Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of retractable leashes because they do not allow me the control and safety factor that is often needed when I'm walking dogs, but in this case - swimming alongside a clear riverbank, or even running or biking in a safe, open area - retractables work great and allow your pooch a bit more freedom and distance while keeping them tethered safely.

Sometimes, that's a really good thing.

So, why not get out there with your pup today and offer them a new way to experience life outside of "More Than Four Walls"!

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  1. Ha! #thebeagle and I love the retractable! Since she is a sniffer, we catch actually both walk and I don't have to stop every two steps which means that I can actually get a little exercise. When she's done sniffing, she just runs to catch up. Greatest invention ever. (Caution: I fasten it to her harness so she doesn't choke herself or slip her collar somehow.) -TP

  2. I do love retractables for beagles and such - especially on trails and stuff, as they do "hunt" a lot when walking.

    The tip that ou gave was invaluable!


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