Friday, February 18, 2011

So what breed is Dusty, the klepto-kitty?

Earlier this week, I posted a blog with video on's pet section of a cat with a habit that has gained a lot of attention: bringing home objects to his owners.

How many? Hundreds.

Not only did his antics get attention, but so did his appearance. From first glance, Dusty has the characteristics of a Siamese, but with a few variances.
Flickr photo courtesy of stevevoght

A couple of comments on the post indicated that others were as enamored by his appearance as I was.

After a little sleuthing and a good shove in the right direction by one of the readers, Dusty's breed was revealed: the very generous feline is a Showshoe, a breed that has been around for about 45 years.

Much like other unusual cat breeds, the Showshoe results from a genetic mutation. It was first seen after a breeder's Siamese gave birth to three kittens with the fur pattern.

They are rare, because of the challenge of reproducing the correct coat markings.

They share a lot of the same behavioral characteristics of Siamese cats, and are known for their intelligence and on occasion, even like to swim.

You can read more here on Showshoes, and click here to see Dusty in action.

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