Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dog waste, poop... whatever you call it, it's your duty as a pet owner. (Or would that be doody?)

Walking your dog is one of the most fun and important things that you can do with them. It's a great activity that dogs of all ages can do and best of all - you're both outdoors! It's physical, mentally stimulating and a great way to bond any time of year.

The number of people who share life with dogs has grown substantially -  more than 72 million dogs in the United States alone.

With all of these pets and people in close proximity, there are a few rules of engagement to keep in mind. Good manners on leash is essential, of course as is one other very important thing: picking up after your pooch.

No one likes to see waste on the local trails, on streets or worse yet - on sidewalks. It's just unsightly, not to mention unsanitary. 

With all of the walking that I do, I can attest to the scowls from some people when they see a pooch that I'm accompanying might possibly stop on their lawn. It's understandable, certainly. I see dog waste left behind in very public areas - even in people's front yards - and it's irritating to those who don't have pets, especially.

Besides being the right thing to do, it's a health issue. Diseases can be transmitted to both pets and humans through fecal matter, so cleaning up right away is important.

It's easy to forget to grab a couple of the disposable grocery bags that are commonly used to take care of business, and if you have more than one dog, you need more bags and having ample pockets is a must, or tying them to the leash, as is having free hands to handle the leashes.

My nifty waste bag dispenser
I'm a pro, and see several pups a day for a visit. In the early days of the business there were plenty of times that I realized that I had forgotten a bag. *groan*

Yep, I felt pretty stupid having to return to the scene of the crime to swoop in and retrieve the evidence.

A simple solution solved that problem: a dispenser loaded with biodegradable waste bags attached to a favorite leash.

Yep, I love my dispenser from Bags on Board - the easy-to-load dispenser keeps bags handy, hands free and lightweight. I'm never without my trusty tool, and if I encounter a fellow human who has been a little forgetful, I can quickly offer them a spare bag discreetly.

If you're a dog owner living in Washtenaw County, you should take a minute to leave a comment and share your favorite places to get out for canine adventures.

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