Monday, October 5, 2015

U-M College of Pharmacy to host safe medication disposal event in October

How many times have you had a prescription filled, and for whatever reason there's a partial amount leftover? 

Things happen: the antibiotic didn't work; only a portion of the steroid cream that your doctor prescribed for you was needed; those allergy eye drops expired; you had far more pain pills after an outpatient procedure than you really needed.

The same situations avail themselves with the medications that your veterinarian prescribes for your pet. 

In fact, many of the same drugs are used for humans and companion animals, but the end result is the same – you're left with unused bottles, tubes, blister packs and loaded needleless syringes of prescription or over-the-counter meds in your cabinet.

Hanging on to them, we realize that the possibility that our all-too-curious kids and pets could ingest them and become a victim of poisoning (in the latter case, a leading cause of veterinary emergency room visits each year). Of course, the reasons we don't toss them in the trash vary, but the most common amongst households is that we know it's not good for the environment. Ditto for the fact that the potential is there for illicit use. 

Thankfully, you've no need to lament about the situation. On October 6, 2015, simply gather up any unneeded prescription and over-the-counter medication and tote it over to the Chemistry Building on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Central Campus. 

Twice yearly, students from U-M College of Pharmacy partner with Great Lakes Clean Water Organization to hold medication disposal events to help the community safely get rid of unused medications. 

Anyone can participate, and it's as simple as getting over to the site – located on North University – and drop off anything that's accepted. (Click here for a list of approved items.)

Tomorrow's event is free of charge and runs from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. 

Click here for more information.

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