Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Low-stress strategies for sub-q fluid administration in cats at home are a win/win

Subcutaneous fluid therapy is something that a veterinarian may prescribe being done at home for cats. And while it's fairly easy and straightforward to in theory, when you get home and have to set about doing it on your own, it's not uncommon to feel all thumbs because your furry friend isn't as cooperative as you might like. 

Though conventional wisdom might have one think that doing fluids in a comfy, relaxed space, like on the couch in the living room makes sense, it certainly does if things are working well. But if that's not the case, one of the things that I suggest is that families consider doing fluids in a smaller space, like a bathroom. In the video below, I offer more tips that can help your cat be more amenable to getting fluids at home, promoting more success for the long term. 

Lorrie Shaw is a freelance writer and owner of Professional Pet Sitting. She has been a featured guest on the Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast, talking about her career working with companion animals and writing about her experiences. Shoot her an email, contact her at 734-904-7279 or follow her adventures on Twitter.

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