Friday, April 9, 2010

Good people, good energy. Get ya some.

Some of the most important things in my day aside from my family, good strong coffee in the morning, my BlackBerry. (The latter is essential in my business.) Another thing that rates right up there is positive energy. I get it from my day to day work, without a doubt.. I get to see my (mostly) furry clients each day and embark on one of our little adventures. I see the world through an animal's eyes; new, fresh zeal each time we're together. It's a great feeling.

Another port of positivity is connecting with my people on Twitter. Some are local to me, some aren't. Since on most days my contact with humans can be minimal, Twitter is a connection to so much. Seeing the ideas and energy just flow from others is a real source of inspiration for me. I like reading what others are doing. Input helps, too.

There is a tradition on Twitter called Follow Friday: a practice that helps folks get introduced into social circles. Each Friday, if I remember to get it done on the PC before my bleary eyed departure (BlackBerry is too difficult to manage this.) Although I like the idea, it can be cumbersome and time consuming. After reading a post by Chris Brogan today on Twitter, I decided that indeed I could make better use of my time by giving props to some folks who you need to know about. Agreed; 140 characters doesn't do some folks justice. This is a cool new thing that I'll be putting into practice for sure. Maybe not just on Fridays. Check it out. If I don't mention you today, don't be offended. Rome wasn't built in a day.

@interactiveAmy – Such incredible energy from Amy Ravit Korin. Insight. Humor. Ideas. She's expanded my mind about social networking/media. Learn from her.

@custardfairy – Hysterical. We all need humor. Her tweets are brief, but pack a punch.

@tom_peters – Tom describes himself as a 'professional agitator'. I think that he just moves beyond the obvious and says what needs saying. Intelligent, good common sense advice on business and life. I'm all about common sense. Too bad it's not more common, huh?

– One of the first folks that I followed, Jackie Dishner is author of BACKROADS & BYWAYS OF ARIZONA. She's great at being inspiring. Period.

Think about who you gain the most from. Shine the light.

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