Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have an unusual request...

I received got an e-mail from a prospective client a couple of years ago, who was referred to me by a very good client of mine whose dog I have cared for, for nearly 2 years. He was wondering if I would be interested in caring for an African Clawed Frog… he realized that this may be an unusual request, but this little frog was very special to him as he got it when he was 8 years of age (yes, the frog at the time was 21) and would appreciate considering the task. I was thrilled! I had not had the pleasure of sitting for a frog in a long time, (I used to have one myself years ago and loved it) and was looking forward to the prospect of meeting them, and got in touch immediately. Froggy turned out to be a swell little guy and is a treat to care for.

I get inquiries occasionally with regard to ‘exotic pets’… pet rats, mice, snakes, a pot bellied pig or two, birds (even parrots, cockatoos, mustache parakeets, etc.) and more. Most of my clients are canines or felines, but I include most species in my business. I’m not sure that most folks with so-called exotic pets are aware that my niche exists! I certainly consider a pet of anyone’s to be special, even if they might be considered typically, to be unusual.

This topic brought a question to mind…

What is the most ‘unusual’ pet that you have ever had or encountered? Share your stories!

I would be thrilled to know!

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  1. Hi Lorrie!
    Great post and great frog friend! I so appreciate the extra-special requests that you get and the extra-special animal friends that you then get to meet!

    Let's see....I have had guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, four very cool dogs, a few cats, some rescued wild bunnies, a chinchilla - so not anything all that out of the ordinary. Getting to meet a friend's (from high school) pet skunk was really cool though. He/she(?)would hang out in the yard enjoying attention from guests - it was a very sweet animal.

    Please keep writing - am really enjoying what you share! Thank you, Lorrie! Will tweet you later, too. :)

    Maya (@animalswisdom)


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