Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't diss me because of my size, please!

Have you traveled with your big dog? Have you had problems finding accommodations, because of your dogs' size?

I have traveled in the past with Gretchen, and used to take her to Traverse City each summer, as we traveled by car. We stayed at a motel and things worked out great. It was a little work, especially since we spent a lot of time at the beach - and getting her cleaned up and sand free before returning to the motel took only a little time. It was a blast, and some of my most treasured memories are from those vacations. There were times when other folks were a little put off by her size, but her calm demeanor and friendly disposition quickly won them over. Good training and careful attention to our proximity to other animals helped. Also, we made a point to not take her to places that were crowded or to do certain activities when it was too hot. Our motel was great, and very accommodating. Others, may be a bit ambiguous. There are others that I know are not so much so and this is a nationwide issue. With pet ownership ever increasing, the movement to include pets' in travel plans is, too.

What are your tried and true traveling-with-your-dog tips?

Lorrie Shaw is owner of Professional Pet Sitting, as well as a regular contributor to's Pets section. She can usually be found cheerfully walking around local neighborhoods, on the other end of the leash. She resides in Dexter Twp, MI with her blended family that includes 3 pets. She welcomes your contact via e-mail.

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