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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a week!

It's been a very fulfilling time! With Memorial Day weekend approaching, I have opportunities to see clients that I typically only see when their owners go out of town. As a result, I'm busy with holiday sittings, daily dog walking and even a new puppy on my roster who I'm completely amazed by. Her growth, playfulness and overall joy are great to see each weekday when stopping in to see her for puppy visits that include potty breaks, walks and puppy playtime to help her hone in on her instinctive skills and build her brain and body.

More neat stuff! Since the beginning of the week, I have been interviewed by the following radio shows, Dwyer and Michaels (Davenport,IA), CJAD's Tim Parent (Quebec), and the Ed Wenck Show on WIBC (Indianapolis) - across North America to discuss my recent piece "The bucket list for pets" on

The feedback has been phemonenal and this whole thing has opened up a lot of discussion with regard to our relationships to pets, and how we can create the best life for animals. That's the best part. What are your methods and practices for unfolding your pets' best self and creating a nurturing, stimulating environment for them?

I want to thank you... all of you who read my blogs, comment, share your experiences and participate.

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