Saturday, March 19, 2011

Detroit Dog Rescue makes plea to The Ellen Show

Monica Martino set out to create a reality show, and as an Emmy-nominated producer, she has a knack for getting people's attention. But instead of creating just another reality show, Martino had a purpose in mind: To highlight the plight of the homeless dogs in Detroit from a unique vantage point - the dogs themselves.

Its no secret that the city has suffered it's share of unwarranted setbacks and beat-downs, and so many people have suffered as a result of economic strife at the hands of greed and mismanagement. It's a great city, and great people, but the resources are limited. Those who suffer immensely, with absolutely no way to change their situation, are the homeless, abandoned and neglected pets.

In the end, the City of Detroit shot the idea down, and Martino and her partner in the project, Hush, whose real name is Dan Carlisle, were at as loss for what to do since the project couldn't go forward.

Out of the duo's despair came the idea to stay and help by creating what came to be known as Detroit Dog Rescue. Their mission: To involve and edify the community about the plight of homeless dogs, and to get canines rescued and placed into loving homes.

The non-profit has a big task ahead of them. By some estimates, there are 50,000 homeless dogs in the city alone, with very few animal control officers to put a dent in the problem. DDR, knowing the size of the task, has made a plea to help raise money and awareness to none other than all-around champion to companion animals, Ellen DeGeneres to get some help with getting the word out about their cause. 

Check out this video plea:

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