Sunday, March 20, 2011

Product Review: IQ Treat Ball by Ourpets

Last week I posted this photo on Facebook and made a comment about the super cool dog "toy" pictured in it.

There was an enthusiastic response to my post; the most common was "What is that called?"

A simplistic idea, an equally simple yet ingenious design, the IQ Treat Ball gets dogs interested and keeps them moving. Foraging toys are not a new concept; several companies make them and they are a great way to give dogs a little something extra to do.

Foraging toys can be used as an outlet for fun to dispense treats, or as a way to feed your pooch (as one of my clients does, and their dog prefers it.)

In the wild, dogs had to hunt, catch and kill their food. Now, typically they just get a bowl of kibble plunked down in front of them. While many people argue that dogs are so far removed from living in the wild, and that the way that we deal with them today is perfectly healthy, a  lot of folks - including myself - beg to differ. 

The problem is, dogs are the fastest evolving species on the planet. They have had to be because of human intervention. What we may see as progress, comes at a price for many breeds, especially. Dogs still have their instincts and those need to be fostered. Foraging toys are a way to help satisfy that.

The IQ Treat Ball allows dog owners to stuff a few treats inside the entirely hand-washable plastic ball, and let dogs have a little fun. Powered by your dogs interest and activity, the ball -which comes in a 3" or 5" size - has a flat stopper/insert in the middle that has a hole that allows the treats to trickle out fast or more slowly, so that you can adjust the level of difficulty.

Simply unscrew the two halves of the toy, drop some kibble or treats in, replace the insert, set the dispensing hole size, put the toy back together, scootch it across the floor and watch your furry friend go!

One of our dogs loves foraging toys, the other, not so much. That being said, I think that it's certainly worth a go for any dog. In my opinion, the more variety, the better and honing in on what your dogs get in to for fun, stimulation and using their problem-solving skills and senses is key.   

But since the Ourpets IQ Treat Ball has a great design, a low price point (starting at $10) and is durable (too difficult for most dogs to pick up and chew) it's a great product to introduce your four-legged companion in using a foraging toy. 

I recommend, as always, that this and all toys like it be used by pets while they are under supervision of a responsible human, for safety's sake.

For more information and to find out where to purchase, click here to go to the Ourpets website

Lorrie Shaw is a professional pet sitter and dog walker and is also lead pets blogger on, where she has previously made recommendations on pet products. Follow her writing and other pet related adventures on Twitter or contact her via email.

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  1. Sadly, my dog Happy taught herself to unscrew this, and while my back was turned (for 5 minutes!) chewed up the inside plastic piece of this great toy. Probably I didn't screw the lid closed tightly enough, otherwise I found it to be quite sturdy!! -Katy


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