Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keeping a dog's injured limb protected from the elements + other life hacks for pets

No matter if an injury to your dog's paw results in a few stitches, or something more serious, keeping the area dry and protected from the elements is crucial in healing. Doing so can seem daunting, but you need only look to your kitchen to help make muddling through this aspect of the recovery more manageable. 

Simply wrap the bandaged area with plastic cling film to make for a temporary, quick water and dirt-repellent shield when they go out to do their business. For a better adhesion, use the press-and-seal type. 

Here are more of my life hacks to make your everyday easier:

  • Exotic birds love fresh food. Some are fussier than others, and keeping their fruits and vegetables appetizing in hot weather can be a challenge. To extend the freshness of their grub, freeze several bowls that have been filled a quarter of the way full with water, then stack one under each food bowl. 
  • Use an office chair mat under a rabbit hutch or exotic bird enclosure to make tidying up around them easier, and you'll protect your floors. 
  • Arthritic bunnies benefit from the having a litter pan that is accessible. Instead of using a traditional pan, consider the Marchioro Kiosk tray. Designed as a feeding or grooming tray, it's perfect to accommodate special needs rabbits as well as being easy to clean. 
  • Before you know it, the dog days of summer will be here and keeping cool can be delicious and engaging. Dogs can delight in the backyard with a yummy treat -- a giant homemade pupsicle -- but backyard chickens can enjoy a cool nosh, too. Chopped veggie/fruit scraps (ditto for leftovers) can be converted into a birdsicles. You'll need a can (or two) of creamed corn, the scraps and a muffin tin. Pop a small handful of the scraps into each muffin tin, fill each halfway with the creamed corn and freeze. Pop them out and toss out for the flock. As they are pecked at and thaw, the chickens will enjoy a cool treat and be rewarded with tasty bits of food.
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